Glorious Daughter of Indonesia – An Inspiration for the World

Kartini Day is celebrated in Indonesia every year on the 21st of April. Women take great pride in dressing themselves in the traditional Javanese outfit called the Kebaya. They pull back and style their hair into elaborate coiffures and emerge as elegant and aristocratic figures from a by gone age. Men in Indonesia are loath to be left behind! They too don traditional über formal teluk beskap which is a combination of the Javanese jacket and kain batik and put on traditional Javanese head-dress known as blangkons.

It is to commemorate and celebrate the achievements of an outstanding daughter of Indonesia — Ibu Kartini that Kartini Day is celebrated. Ibu Kartini is a name that every adult and every school going child in Indonesia is familiar with. It is also a name that any and every visitor here is sure to come across sooner rather than later.

Her thoughts and letters were compiled into a book entitled Door Duisternis tot Licht which when translated into English reads Out of Dark Comes Light.

She was born on the 21st of April into an aristocratic family and she passed away at the tender age of 25. However, she achieved great things in her short life. She was a brilliant student and had a great talent which is immortalized in her writings. She demonstrated through her life the fact that women have every right to an education and that, provided the right atmosphere and resources, they are second to none.

This fact in itself was truly revolutionary for the age that she lived in. It was the intellectual fire that blazed within this truly great lady that drove her to start a pioneering school for women in the porch of the Regency’s office! It is to propagate the seeds that she sowed in this truly great nation that each and every one of us must dedicate ourselves.

Today, itself let us all take a solemn pledge to live up to the ideals that we are celebrating through the shining example of Ibu Kartini. Ibu Kartini is a heroic and noble figure who symbolizes women’s emancipation as well as intellectual development. Let each and every one of us serve to carry the light of education and the lamp of knowledge into the darkest recesses of the human condition.

Himmat S. Dhillon


About Himmat S. Dhillon

Himmat S. Dhillon is an educator based in the U.A.E. After residing in Dubai for a little more than a year, he moved with his family to the eastern-most emirate to continue his quest for knowledge and to revel in its environment, culture and traditions. Formerly, he was the Principal of Gandhi School, Jakarta. He is fascinated by all things Batik, Nusantara and the intricate rhythm of the Wayang Kulit!It is his ambition to visit all the islands of this beautiful archipelago! He is passionate about the seven Emirates, the desert, mountains, the sea, education, Nature, culture and Indonesia. He is passionate about the local as well as global culture and is fond of exploring his environs. He is fascinated by flora and fauna, folklore, batik, gamelan and the traditions of the UAE. He is a certified Life Guard as well as certified to teach I.B. Diploma classes. Educated at The Lawrence School, Sanawar and The University of Delhi, he elected to teach at The Doon School, Dehra Dun, India. He thoroughly enjoyed his stint working as a Housemaster, and, later, as the Head of The Department of English at The Doon School until 2008. Prior to entering education, Himmat has worked as an Editor with HarperCollins. A life-long learner, he has learnt most when he decided to move out of his comfort zone and truly challenge himself!
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  2. Raman says:

    An inspiring read!

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